If your Rotary Club is struggling to find a way to stay connected during the Covid-19 pandemic, why not consider meeting online?
Our E-Club has been meeting for an hour twice a month online using the Zoom webconferencing system. 
It gives our members the chance to see and talk to each other, hear about exciting projects our members are doing, and from guest speakers. 
The only requirement is a smart phone, laptop, tablet computer, or desktop computer.  If you currently use any of these to talk to family using any of the services like Skype, you have all the technology you need to participate in an online meeting!  If members don't have any of these, they can still call in to the meeting from a standard telephone and participate (but without the video).
Our Club Secretary, David Dean, would be happy to provide a tutorial for anyone in your club to help you understand how to use the Zoom system for your online meetings.  The basic process is similar to GoToMeeting and other services, but we have found Zoom to be the easiest to use for meetings with 50 or fewer people.  Please email David at:  secretary@rotarygreatersydney.org
You're also welcome to attend our club's meetings any time. 
Staying connected with fellow members is crucial in this stressful time.  We're happy to help you get started in any way we can.